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Lime-Digital is an IT enabled service provider for e-commerce businesses. We facilitate all aspects of your e-commerce business. Customer Support, Warehousing, Shipment & Delivery, Order Management, Web-shop, Payment Processing, and insightful Reporting & Analytics: all these functions are seamlessly integrated in one service proposition. Do you want to exclude certain functions from this integrated service? This is also possible at your

Lime-Digital can handle both small and large volumes of orders. For smaller volumes we offer the benefits of shared resources in warehousing & Customer Care through standardized work practices and automation, thus saving costs.
At the heart of our total service solution is our order management system.
Our order management system seamlessly integrates with your existing and future systems & software.

Integration Services

Standardizing the order management process through our order management system allows these customer interactions to be handled utilizing shared resources, which in turn, lead to lower operating costs.

Custom Services

Custom built solutions to control the order management process, delivery, logistics, customer care and payments.


Lime-Digital enables e-commerce companies to manage their entire order processing and distribution through an integrated platform offering an end-to-end standardized solution driving all aspects of their business process.


In todays’ market e-commerce solutions should be easy to implement, rapid to modify and effortless to use. For both the e-commerce company as well as their partners this reduces costs by avoiding mistakes (first time right!)


E-commerce has seen a large growth in the past decade, and the market has further developed during the Covid pandemic. Bricks & Mortar retailers are moving into digital channels, manufacturers of consumer goods are increasingly trying to sell to end-user customers. The e-commerce landscape is constantly diversifying with various platforms offering sales outlets in different specialisms or mass distribution. At the same time resources to develop digital solutions are becoming scarce and expensive due to high demand.

The cost of sales in e-commerce can be significantly impacted by mistakes in distribution, high returns, customer queries (about order status or inability to deliver products that appear to be in stock).

Large enterprises with high revenue from e-commerce often source custom-built solutions to control the order management process, delivery, logistics, customer care, and payments. These bespoke solutions often require high investments and lengthy development times.

Lime-Digital offers a largely standardized platform integrating all aspects of e-commerce: Order Management Process, Distribution (warehousing and Delivery), Customer Care, Payment processing, and business analytics, delivered as a service enabled by IT (IT-enabled Services aka ITES).

The core of Lime-Digital is its Order Management System, which acts as the foundation for controlling the above-mentioned functions provided by Lime-Digital’s partner network.