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Optimizing Customer Service using Zendesk

Feb 21, 2022

Lime Digital and RealConnections have assisted many companies to optimize their CS operations.
Starting with a brief assessment of their current set up on Zendesk Support, we verify the setup, check overall data-setup, automations, views, macros, integrations, decision trees, reporting, and advanced usage.

Based on the assessment we propose changes to run productivity reports for the respective teams. The results are then benchmarked with other teams that we have helped in this set up before. Thus, giving a good understanding of what can be achieved. The purpose is to increase the productivity of the team, improve the flow of ticket handling and allowing agents to add datapoints for CS-BI reporting for our clients. We verify integration options with BackOffice systems so we can push all relevant data into Zendesk and save on AHT (Average Handling Time). 

Although our support can be delivered remote, we also prefer to visit our customers on site and spend time on the floor with the agents, analyze how they use the system, hear from them what is missing or what could be done differently. These ON-THE-FLOOR sessions really make a difference in optimizing your set up. We instruct the agents how to use the configuration and get feedback on what works and what can be improved. Typically, we do these on-site support sessions twice a year per team as an integral part of our service.

About RealConnections:

RealConnections is the System Integrator that does things differently…..really differently! Being supportive and visionary are the core values of RealConnections, assisting companies in IT-Cloud solutions in a personal manner. Offering onboarding and remote services on Zendesk, Okta and Microsoft. RealConnections is proud to be a Zendesk Premier Partner. For more details, visit

About Lime Digital:

Lime-Digital is an IT enabled service provider, facilitating all aspects of e-commerce business: Customer Support, Warehousing, Shipment & Delivery, Order Management, Payment Processing, and insightful Reporting & Analytics: all these functions are seamlessly integrated in one service platform. Lime-Digital can handle both small and large volumes of orders. For smaller volumes offering the benefits of shared resources in warehousing & Customer Care through standardized work practices and automation, thus saving costs. The heart of the total service solution is the order management system & service integration platform. Lime Digital is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and offers its services Globally.