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E-commerce Consulting

We are delighted to be able to offer Consulting, Digitization, and Implementation services for e-commerce businesses. We have more than 25 years of e-commerce experience in leading global fashion, sportswear, and cookware industries.

Every Client intake is facilitated with an initial consultation, free of charge. A bespoke program of Digital Implementation follows the initial intake. We will be your guide as we walk you through all the necessary steps for the implementation of a successful and efficient e-commerce environment. Growing your e-commerce business is our priority but also our

Customer Care as a Service

More than 50% of all customer queries in e-commerce relate to “where is my order”. Standardizing the order management process through our order management system application allows these customer interactions to be handled utilizing shared resources, which in turn, lead to lower operating costs. If volumes start to increase, we will easily be able to devote extra resources to the client. At Lime-Digital we take the aggravation out of your Customer Service: we deal with employing highly skilled agents, provide continuous training programs, planning, and the automation & robotization of all your customer’s requests. The whole customer service package is in an Omni Channel environment giving one direct pathway for the customer be it by phone, email, chat, or instant messaging.

Lime Digital has state of the art Contact Centers in Barcelona and Bucharest employing experienced agents who are dedicated e-commerce specialists.

Case management


At Lime-Digital we recognize that certain questions or logistical issues require further attention and input. In order to follow and control all these cases we use the Zendesk Case Management application. We have designed a closed loop process ensuring nothing escapes our attention and the data is structured in such way that it can be used to improve processes and information provision preventing repeat issues.

Fulfillment as a Service

Operating multiple e-commerce warehouses in the UK, European Union, USA and … we are the ideal partner for your e-commerce business. We offer all warehouse functions such as goods receipt, storage, inventory management, picking & packing with the added bonus of being able to ship the goods to your clients. Lime-Digital also deals with your reverse logistics in the event your clients would like to return goods. All these processes are supported by our order management system. All shipments can be tracked and traced.

Our Fulfillment centers are scalable: we can start small and have the capacity to handle large volumes in-keeping with the growth of your business.


From our e-commerce distribution center, we will ship your goods to your clients through both local and international courier and parcel delivery companies. If you already have contracts with certain transportation companies then…No problem because our order management system seamlessly integrates with most track and trace systems. This allows for a uniform “where is my order” view for both end-user customers as well as Customer Service Agents.

Analytics & Reporting

Having easy access to day-to-day figures like how many goods you have sold, the returns and your revenue is a ‘must have’ in e-commerce. However, there is often a hidden treasure trove of data underneath this surface of KPI’s. With the right Data Analysis these ‘hidden treasures’ can easily be unlocked. At Lime-Digital we do not just provide you with the KPI’s, but we analyze them for you and provide you with pro-active advice: Is this campaign really profitable? Are the costs of my returns outweighing the profits? Where do I find the most profitable customers? These and many other underlying Business Drivers in your pool of data are delivered to you in an easy to access dashboard and subsequent reporting.

Adress Verification

Address Verification

Incorrect address details lead to a higher cost in e-commerce: shipments go missing, deliveries fail and at the same time the cost of customer services increases. At Lime Digital we will make sure you get it right first time and increase your sales conversions! We use Loqate, the world leader in address validation tools. Loqate is currently supporting a long list
of countries around the globe.

Cross Border as a Service

Grow your global ecommerce revenue quickly, easily, and cost effectively.
Global Seller Services provides a single solution that localizes checkout experiences while simplifying global tax, fraud, compliance, and logistics. A single API integration connects to your existing commerce and supply chain solutions. As the merchant of record, we take on the financial and legal responsibilities of selling cross-border.


Maximize conversions by enabling shoppers to pay with their local currency and preferred payment methods. Our Drop-in integration dynamically localizes checkout while our multi-acquirer network and intelligent routing technology optimizes authorizations.

Taxes & Duties

Eliminate the risk and complexity of cross-border shipping. We calculate tax and duties at checkout for total transparency, so your customers aren’t surprised with additional charges upon delivery. We even collect, file, and remit taxes globally.


Shield your business from risk and leverage 25+ years of global ecommerce experience and team of compliance experts around the world. Through our extensive local presence, we help you make sense of ever-changing local rules and regulatory requirements, wherever your business takes you.

Global Logistics

Gain instant global scale with a partner that takes on cross-border logistics and compliance responsibilities. Our international carrier network and compliance experts simplify cross-border selling

Maximize Your E-commerce Revenue

Increase authorization rates and lower global merchant processing fees by leveraging our global expertise, infrastructure and expansive acquiring network. Gain instant access to leading transaction routing technologies and multiple local acquirers so you can minimize declines and foreign transaction fees.

Gain a World-Class Partner Ecosystem

Unlock connections to the world’s leading payment providers, tax engine, and fraud protection partners. We also have pre-built integrations with the world’s leading commerce platforms such as Adobe Commerce, Big Commerce, VTEX, Salesforce and SAP Commerce.

Minimize Your Risk Profile

Global commerce expansion is an increasingly complicated endeavor. Manage it the right way and you’ll be rewarded, but missteps can damage your bottom line and brand reputation. Reach new customers in complex markets with ease and less risk.